Old School Meets New School in the Twin Cities

Old School Meets New School in the Twin Cities - Seva Call

The Twin Cities! Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Conjoined by chance, yet as different as Apollo and Artemis.

The large metropolitan area spans 182 cities and townships, the largest of course being Minneapolis and St. Paul themselves. While these two cities are bound by sports teams, name, and geography, they take pride in being quite distinct from one another. Seriously, the 20th century was riddled with rivalry and riots between the two cities. Thankfully, the qualms have been settled.

While Minneapolis evokes a younger image with new and avant garde architecture, St. Paul takes its time to incorporate buildings reminiscent of the classic and Victorian styles. Seva Call kind of digs that dichotomy, don’t you? It’s a great blend of old school and new school.

At Seva Call, we’re trying to blend old school and new school as well. We are bringing a new time saving approach to the way you find the good ol’ reliable, small professional businesses like plumbers, roofers, and handymen. Anyone in the Twin City area can go online to www.talklocal.com, put in basic information such as their service need, their zip code, and when they would like the service completed, and then Seva Call will handle the rest.

Check out this quick video to see just how quick and easy it is to use Seva Call.

Our new service will connect you by phone to a service professional in minutes. We’ll keep all of your contact information completely private and ensure that the professional can do the job at your utmost convenience.

We don’t want to change the local small businesses you’ve been relying on for years. We just make it easier to find them.

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