8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office – Meet Zaneta!

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Zaneta! - Seva Team

Written by Jaime Fawcett

Hello again everybody! I am back again with another installment of 8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office! We are here with Zaneta, aka Big-Z. She is a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying a double major in Economics and Professional Writing. (Very versatile).

She enjoys the occasional song and dance.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Zaneta! - Seva Team

Look at that stage presence. That confidence. That sass. Channeling her inner Sasha Fierce. Work it!

So let’s get to know, Zaneta with a few probing questions.

First one is easy, what do you do here at Seva Call?

At first I was just doing customer service. But now I’m doing sales. I will pretty much do anything. I like being kept on my toes. Sales is definitely more difficult than customer service, but it’s really rewarding when you get a sale.

You have a code name, don’t you?

Yeah, I say my name is Candace. Zaneta is a weird name and hard to understand on the phone, so I say my name is Candace. It’s my middle name, so not too much of a code name. Gotta do what you gotta do.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Zaneta! - Seva Team

So, Zaneta, Zuh – Net – Uh, that’s an interesting name? What’s the origin?

Its supposed to be a Hebrew name. I’m Messianic Jewish, so my mom named me Zaneta because it means God’s precious gift. Or it might be Spanish….who knows. I’ve never met anyone with the same name, so I’m looking forward to the day when I do.

I remember from the 4th of July, your family makes some awesome Caribbean food, what are your favorite dishes?

Oh my gosh, so many. My family is from Guyana so some of the food is actually from a lot of Indian cultures. A lot of curry chicken and roti which is kind of like naan (Indian flatbread). Oxtail, which is seriously a cow’s tail. I know that sounds weird because, like, it’s a tail, but it’s really good!

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Zaneta! - Seva Team

Of course, you’re one of the core members of Team Chipotle. What do you get for your order?

Two soft tacos. With chicken and everything they have except for guacamole. I’m cheap, I’m not gonna pay extra for that. One time I got hard shell tacos and the shells were all soft and floppy. I was mad. But I love Chipotle. Not as much as Augie obviously.

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur, right? Any business pitches brewing?

Ummm. No. Not many ideas yet. But they’re coming soon! So watch out for me in Forbes. In reality though, I would really like to work in the music industry. I have my own org called the Independent Musicians Organization at school. We’re still pretty young, but we help musicians find events to play at and get agents. It’s really cool.

Okay, staple questions real quick, Hogwarts House?

Ravenclaaaaw. My favorite color is purple so it works.

Zombie survival team?

Jaime: Because you could chronicle all of our adventures and how we survive.

Lauren: She can cook really good food out of anything.

Michael: He’s a good problem solver. He would be the leader. People just listen to what he says…even if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Josh: He’s a beast at lazer tag. So obviously he would be good at shooting actual zombies.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Zaneta! - Seva Team

Any weird…..I don’t know….food allergies? Horror stories?

Horror stories? There’s one per year. I’m allergic to all tree nuts, and I recently I found out I was allergic to buckwheat. I went to a crepe place with a friend of mine and the crepes were made with buckwheat, which I didn’t know. I ordered one and it was delicious so I kept eating it. I was fine but then a little while later I felt really sick and my throat was scratchy. My friend was freaking out and I was freaking out so we called the Emergency Medical Services at school and I ended up going to the hospital. I was okay. But it was bad. It was just bad…

Who has the biggest bromance in the office?

Matteo and Nabeel have the best bromance of all time. They’ve been here the longest and Matteo is always talking about how they’ve broken company records together. They’re basically an old married couple.

What’s your biggest fear?

Okay, this is going to sound weird, but I’m terrified of sloths. They are so creepy!! Some of my guy friends found out and now post sloth pictures to my Facebook constantly. So yeah. Sloths….and Manatees. Manatees look scary and aggressive.

You’re the Chief of Fun, in the office. Is it….fun?

As Chief of Fun, it’s my job to make sure everybody else is having fun. I don’t really fun. No, I’m kidding. It’s fun. I get to know everyone in the office really well. I like planning the events and stuff.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Zaneta! - Seva Team

Well, That’s Zaneta. And she’s reigns supreme here at Seva Call. What a champion. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Seva Blog to stay up to date on the rest of the Seva Team!

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