Power Steering Fluid Change

Power Steering Fluid Change - Auto Repair

A car designed to have power steering fluid can be dangerous to drive without power steering fluid. A power steering fluid change is therefore essential for any owner of a car with power steering. If your car’s power steering goes out suddenly, you could lose control of your car and you could crash and end up in a really bad accident.

Power steering fluid is not like car oil, which can sit for long in a car and not cause any damage. It is important to change the power steering fluid of your car periodically to avoid accidents.

1. Lift the car using a hydraulic jack and ensure that you can slide easily underneath the wheels at the front of the car. You can find a trustworthy mechanic to do this for you, of course, but just in case you can’t, we’ll show you how.

2. Remove and locate the car’s catch tray found underneath the power steering system of the car.

3. Disconnect the hose from the steering pump to drain the power steering fluid. After this, you have to reconnect the hose.

4. Unscrew the cap to the reservoir, and add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of steering fluid.

5. Replace the cap and start the engine. Listen for a buzzing sound and turn the steering wheel until the fluid is properly circulated in the system.

6. Turn off the engine and allow it to rest for a few minutes.

7. Turn the engine off and allow it to rest again. Drain the fluid once again through the hose.

8. Reconnect the hose again and fill with fluid once again. Restart the engine again and rotate the steering wheel to release any air. Turn off the engine and let it rest again.

9. Repeat this process until you have drained three quarts of fluid out of the system.

10. Lower the vehicle, start the engine, and you are done.

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