Power Steering Hose Repair

Power Steering Hose Repair - Auto Repair

If you’re having trouble with the power steering hose of your car, you need to determine first what’s wrong. For instance, it might be leaking. If this is the case, you must find the source of the leak. Once you did that, cut the leaking part of the hose, install hose clamps, and tighten them. After that you can put the power steering hose back. That was the fast-forward version of a possible power steering hose repair. Now, let’s go through the steps you need to take, one at a time.

What Does the Power Steering Hose Do?

The power steering hose connects the power steering pump and the power steering rack by carrying the power steering fluid. If you detect a burning oil smell and experience difficulties in steering your car, you’re probably dealing with a power hose leak.

What Does a Power Steering Hose Repair Involve?

1. If you suspect something is wrong with your power steering hose, pull over right away, because the leaking fluid can cause a fire.

2. Check under the hood of the car with the engine running. Use the emergency brake to make sure you’re safe.

3. Identify the location of the leak in the hose. This shouldn’t be hard, because you’ll see the fluid precipitating.

4. Now that you’re sure there’s a leak in the hose, shut off the car engine and get down to repairing it yourself if you’re not close to a car repair shop to have it replaced.

5. To initiate your power steering hose repair, you need to cut the leaking part of the hose.

6. Then place two clamps on both sides of the power steering hose and pull them together.

7. Connect the two parts of the hose with the help of the clamp knobs. Make sure the clamps are tightly connected, but don’t overdo it because you might deteriorate the hose.

8. Once you have connected the hose, put it back in. Check the fluid. You might need to refill it if it leaked for a longer time.

9. After replacing the power steering fluid, start the engine of the car and check how solid your power steering hose repair is.

10. Remember that this is a temporary fix. Replace the power steering hose as soon as possible.

Need Help?

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