How to Clean Wool Carpet

How to Clean Wool Carpet - Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning wool carpet is easy if you know how. Wool carpets are luxurious additions to your home and make your home cozier and more attractive. They are very durable and are of the highest quality. Wool carpets are also quite decorative and available in a lot of colors and designs. Sometimes, however, they do get dirty, such as when your dog urinates on your carpet. Here, we present simple steps on how to clean wool carpet.

Step One: Take Your Wool Carpet Outside

Shake it, toss it, turn it. Get debris and dirt out in a clean, dry area. Make sure the area that you are doing this in is dry, or else your wool carpet will get dirtier than when you started.

Step Two: Vacuum

After shaking off dirt from your wool carpet, vacuum it thoroughly. Remove any remaining dirt and debris that was left after shaking it off. Vacuuming is a great way of removing pet odor from the carpet. You should regularly vacuum your wool carpet to remove any dirt and debris from it, at least once a week.

Step Three: Wet Your Carpet

Using a mild detergent solution, wet your rug thoroughly. Hose down your rug in a clean area outside your house until all the soapy solution has been removed.

Step Four: Dry Your Carpet Immediately

Once all of the soapy solution is off the carpet, squeeze out any excess moisture and hang it out in the sun to dry. Never, ever place your wool carpet in the dryer. This will ruin your carpet immediately. It’s best to sun-dry your carpet the natural way. Prevent stains before they occur by removing them with stain remover immediately.

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