Why Isn’t My Monitor Turning On?

Why Isn't My Monitor Turning On? - Computer Repair

Why Isn’t My Monitor Turning On?

If your monitor is not turning on, there are few different things that you can do to test to see what the problem with your monitor is.

Diagnose your monitor issues

1. Make sure that your monitor is actually on. Check if your monitor has multiple power switches or buttons, and ensure that all switches and buttons are turned on.

2. If you are confident that your monitor is turned on, check that it is plugged in. Follow all cable lines and check that they are all plugged into an outlet on one end and your monitor on the other.

3. If your monitor is definitely plugged in and turned on, check the brightness. Turn the brightness up all the way; it’s possible that your monitor only appears to not be turning on because the brightness was turned down completely, making your screen appear black.

4. If your monitor is plugged in , turned on, and has it’s brightness all the way up, but you are still not seeing anything, you most likely have a problem.

Is the problem with your monitor, your computer, the cable connecting them, or the outlet?

1. First check your outlet by plugging something else into the outlet, where you can immediately see if it is working, such as a light bulb. If nothing is working in the outlet than the problem is with your outlet. You should contact an electrician to fix your outlet.

2. If other things are working in the outlet, then try plugging another monitor into your computer or plugging the monitor into a different computer. If another monitor is also not working with your computer or your monitor is working in another computer, then the problem is likely with your computer. You can contact a computer repair professional to help find out why your computer is no accepting monitors.

3. If the monitor is not working in a different computer and/or another monitor is working in your computer, then the problem is likely with either your monitor or the cable. Test both the monitor with a different cable and the cable with a different monitor to see which is the problem. You will have to replace the one that is causing the issue.

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