How Do I Get Rid of My Old TV?

How Do I Get Rid of My Old TV? - Garbage Removal

It’s been a year since you bought your new TV, but the old one is still sitting in your garage, collecting dust. You do want to deal with it, but you are always pulled up short by one basic question – how do I get rid of my old TV? With tighter environmental regulations being put in place at landfills across the country, simply dumping your old TV in the trash is no longer an option. Many states are beginning to offer electronic recycling programs, but these are in their infancy and might not be up and running in your area yet.

So when you ask yourself the question, ”How do I get rid of my old TV?” it might not seem at first that there is a good answer. However, with a little bit of Internet digging, you will find a lot of options, some of which might surprise you.

Local Recycling Option

Check with your local waste management and recycling facilities to determine which ones will recycle your old TV. Some facilities might pay you for your used TV, but most will not. Some companies might even charge a fee for their recycling services. However, this is a good option because you can be pretty sure that your old TV is actually being recycled, rather than being sold for parts in developing nations.

Recycling Companies

There are many private companies, most of which operate online, who will recycle your old electronics for cash. Different companies offer to recycle different pieces of equipment, so if you choose this option, make sure that the company you are working with will recycle your TV.

Municipal Hazardous Waste Pick-up Days

Most municipal authorities offer residents set days in the year when they will take away your used electronics to be recycled at no extra charge. Just check with your local waste management company to find out if your town or city provides this service.

Big Retailers and Manufacturers

Sometimes large companies such as Big Buy will accept your old TV and other electronics for recycling. Some electronics manufacturers also offer customers the same service. All it takes is a simple online search for your item’s manufacturer to find out if this option will work for you.

Electronic Takeback Coalition

This is a website dedicated to the recycling of old electronic goods. It lists the electronic recycling laws by state and is an invaluable resource if you find yourself saying, “How do I get rid of my old TV?”

If you need help connecting with a waste management company in your area, feel free to check out TalkLocal’s free referral service. We will connect you to waste management and recycling professionals in your area at no extra charge.

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