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Carpentry Tools List - Handyman

There are ten essential tools that every carpenter will need. This carpentry tools list covers everything that you need in order to jump-start your carpentry. Knowing the basic tools you will need will help you make everything from countertops to other, more complex structures, like treehouses.

1)     Claw Hammer (Finish Head)

Every home needs a hammer for all-around household fixing. Find a hammer that feels good and solid in the hand and that is not too heavy.

2)     6” Layout Square

A layout square is useful for all carpenters, because it can help you make a square, create a 45ᵒ angle, and measure up to 6 inches. This tool is indispensable.

3)     25’ Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is another must-have for the carpenter. The measuring tape should have both standard and metric markings and have a loose hook at the end so you can make accurate measurements.

4)     Utility Knife

A utility knife is useful for making markings on wood and is an all-around tool that you will need in completing your projects. Get one that is sturdy and has a locking mechanism for the blade.

5)     Chisels

A finely sharpened chisel is perfect for cleaning joints. It can also be used to clean out mortises. Different sizes should be at your disposal to provide for a wide range of uses and projects.

6)     Level

You will need a level to make sure that what you are working on is perfectly horizontal or vertical. It is advisable to keep a long level (about 36”) and short one that is about 6”.

7)     Screwdrivers

Every household needs a screwdriver – and not just for carpentry. Try to purchase several screwdrivers of different sizes, as well as both flat heads and hex heads (or Phillips), so you can be ready when you need it.

8)     Sliding Bevel

This tool is much like a 6” square, except that is has a locking mechanism and can be adjusted to different angles. The tool is useful if you want to replicate angles.

9)     Nail Sets

Nail sets are similar in size and shape to chisels, except that they are used to sink nails into wood. It is handy to keep several nail sets at your disposal.

10)  Block Plane

A block plane is another essential for every carpenter. Block planes are used for shaving wood and for cleaning up edges.

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