How to Take Care of Cold Resistant Plants

How to Take Care of Cold Resistant Plants - Landscapers

Cold Resistant Plants

Cold resistant plants, also called cold-tolerant annuals, add color and variety to gardens. They have the ability to withstand cooler temperatures in the spring and to withstand temperatures that are below freezing in the winter. These plants are different from cool weather annuals, which thrive only when the weather is cold. Once the summer is near, their blooming slows. Some examples of these plants are Calendula and Godetia. Unlike fruit trees, these plants can grow in winter.

Planting Cold Resistant Plants

1. Acclimate the plants to the temperature outdoors. Try to place them outdoors any time the temperature drops below 40⁰F. After several days, they should be able to properly handle cooler temperatures.

2. Pansies and violets can usually tolerate frost. Again, this requires acclimation. Most annuals tolerate frosts, but not necessarily freezing temperatures at first.

3. Location is very important. These plants thrive when planted in plant boxes and window boxes. They can also thrive in flower beds on patios. Patios are perfect because they receive just the right amount of sunlight.

4. Transplant the annuals every so often. They have very fine, fibrous root systems, so be very careful when transplanting them. If needed, you can trim their roots to encourage new growth. Annuals should be planted shallowly. They don’t do well if planted deeper.

5. Frequently water the plants. They need lots of watering, especially after transplanting them, to encourage new root growth.

6. Put fertilizer at least once a year on the plants. Granular types of fertilizer are preferable because they are slow-release types and provide nutrients at controlled levels. These plants will benefit greatly from these types of fertilizers.

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