Make Doors and Locks a Key Part of Your Home Security Plan

Make Doors and Locks a Key Part of Your Home Security Plan - Locksmiths

Written by Brian Jones, guest contributor

The typical homeowner may have a mental image of burglars sneaking in through windows in the dead of night. According to FBI research, however, that concept is off-base. The majority of home break-ins happen during daytime with burglars entering through a primary door.

To address this reality, homeowners can take a number of steps to bolster their security, starting with doors and locks.

Common residential doors are no match for burglars. Most are constructed with particleboard and a plywood skin. They are easily split or shattered with only a screwdriver or a small crowbar. Specially designed all-steel security doors, on the other hand, are far more resistant to break-ins.

A residential security door is made from a steel frame of crisscrossed bars and armored steel plate. Other components, such as hinges and fasteners, are made of tamper-proof stainless steel.

Also, you should install a steel doorjamb or reinforce the existing one with steel jackets that are secured to the underlying house frame.

Strong doors are useless without high-quality locks that are installed properly. Ninety percent of locks that locksmiths see in homes are low-grade products that are easily disabled by picking, twisting or brute force.

Installing a deadbolt on every exterior door, including doors between the garage and living area, is a critical step in preventing a burglary. Keep in mind these specific characteristics and installation tips:

> Use only locks with an ANSI grade 1 rating.

> If possible, use double-cylinder deadbolts.

> The deadbolt must have a minimum of a one-inch throw.

> The lock’s striker plate must be solid steel and be secured through the doorjamb into the house framing with three-inch screws, or longer.

> Locks with hardened steel, beveled casings resist twisting with a pipe wrench.

> The best locks have features such as anti-saw pins, anti-drill chips and keys that cannot be duplicated at the local hardware store.

Proper doors and locks combined with modern home security systems give your home its best chance to resist intrusion by thieves. Here are just a few of the features can expect from the best electronic security systems.

> Monitoring for intruders using infrared motion detectors

> Surveillance cameras scanning the inside and outside of your home

> Security alerts and remote access through a web-enabled device, such as a tablet or smartphone

Don’t be complacent about the security of your home. Upgrade your doors and locks and consider the benefits of supplementing them with a state-of-the-art security system.

To beat the odds, start by being proactive. Use TalkLocal to be connected with high-quality locksmiths and security experts in your area.

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