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We all know just how important it is to count on first-class appliances when it comes to keeping our house 100% clean, dry, and contaminant-free. Unfortunately, the overwhelming plentitude of products aggressively promoted by giant brands often puzzles buyers and makes them indecisive. Keep reading to discover how to identify the perfect cordless hand vacuums for your household, offering you the longest list of benefits and displaying the ideal quality-price relationship.

Basic things you need to know about cordless vacuum cleaners

If you hate small dirt particles hiding in hard-to-reach areas, then a highly effective cordless vacuum cleaner is, by far, the best option for you. Designed to eliminate a wide range of impurities while reaching even the tightest of areas, these helpful appliances will allow you to clean all of your rooms and even your automobile in record time, with minimal effort. They might even trigger financial savings, allowing you to skip one or two visits to the local car wash. All in all, tiny cordless hand vacuums are used to:

a)    Clean even the tightest corners of your house

b)    Clean hard-to-reach surfaces inside your vehicle

c)     Eliminate wet spills

d)    Eliminate pet hair

Things you should consider before making a purchase

It goes without saying that, despite the fact that they serve the same purpose, cordless vacuum cleaners launched by different manufacturers are far from being identical. Some represent a smarter investment, so pay attention to these key features before going in favor of a certain model.

1)    Battery life: It is advisable to opt for a product with maximized battery life to avoid supplementary expenses. Also, you should know that models with faster-charging batteries are much more energy-efficient than the rest.

2)    Weight: The perfect device should be lightweight, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you may go.

3)    Capacity: Even if the compact design might reduce the capacity to gather a significant amount of debris, some tiny cordless vacuum cleaners might surprise you with bigger dust bins required by ampler housekeeping assignments.

4)    Attachments: Obviously, you should go for a model that comes with a wide range of accessories, serving different purposes, like delicate upholstery brushes, extension wands, and crevice tools.

5)    Energy-efficiency: If you want to decrease the value of your utility bills and save energy around the house, make sure to opt for a cutting-edge model displaying a higher level of energy efficiency.

Ask an expert

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