How to Find Cheap Catering Services

How to Find Cheap Catering Services - Party Planners

Are you planning a party or celebration, but don’t want to get bogged down in running the show? Let a catering service plan and manage the event for you, so you can enjoy it too! Finding cheap catering services is not that difficult. Here are some good places to look>

1) Non-Profit Caterers

These caterers typically offer catering services as way to train aspiring caterers. They offer catering services for free because they are training would-be professionals in catering. Finding cheap catering services is typically easy this way.

2) Culinary Programs

Some colleges and universities have catering programs that offer cheap catering services as training grounds for students, offering catered meals at reasonable prices. They can offer you reasonably priced meals for your different party events. Plus, as an added bonus, you can sample different culinary delights that the students make at the culinary schools.

3) Meals-to-go Companies

These companies sell fresh or frozen meals that come in boxes that you only need to microwave. These meals often have excellent quality and are very palatable. They are usually fully prepared along with entrees, desserts, side dishes, and soups. These are excellent alternatives to fully catered meals and are very good in quality.

4) Specialty Stores and Grocery Chains

These stores often have prepared meals and are similar to meals-to-go companies. Often, they also have excellent food that is prepared ahead of time. You can call ahead so that they can prepare large batches of food for you that you can then sample. They can prepare salad, soup, entrees, and desserts for you. You can also hire waitresses and waiters to serve the food for you at your party event. This should be part of your party planning checklist.

5) Restaurants

Restaurants will often be willing to cater your events for a minimal fee. Reasonably priced restaurants will offer reasonably priced food as well. They can offer to sample your food ahead of time so you can pick from their menu your choice of items. These restaurants will be happy to accommodate you.

If You Need Help…

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