Trailer Weight Limits

Trailer Weight Limits - Towing

If you own a car and are currently getting ready to fill your vehicle with many passengers and heavy equipment, make sure to find out everything there is to know about car towing before going on that trip you’ve been meticulously planning for a while now.

Are you aware of the specific trailer weight limits for your automobile? Generally speaking, cars can tow a maximum weight mentioned in the specification sheet, and it is definitely not a good idea to exceed that limit. Keep reading to grasp essential car towing rules and recommendations; when in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact a car towing expert.

What is the gross train weight?

The gross train weight (also known as GTW) represents the overall weight of the loaded vehicle plus the total weight of your loaded trailer that you want to tow. Basically, the GTW includes the weight of the passengers, insanely heavy luggage, snowmobiles, tents, sleeping bags, and any similar other luggage or towed equipment.

Here’s some information that you should analyze before going on your trip: The maximum width of the trailer should not exceed 8 feet and the maximum trailer length should not exceed 23 feet, as long as it is being towed by an automobile that has a weight under 7,716 pounds. This is a general rule that should be taken into consideration by all people who plan to use a towing vehicle.

How can I determine the gross train weight?

You might have a lot of questions on your mind related to trailer weight limits and several other car towing-related issues. Remember the fact that when you use a trailer with no brakes, the gross trailer weight should be less than 1,653 pounds; if the trailer has brakes, the GTW shouldn’t top 7,716 pounds.

Also, for vehicles weighting less than 7,716 pounds, the length of the car added to the length of the trailer shouldn’t go beyond 59 feet. You could easily determine the exact GTW by driving the trailer on a public scale, available in most communities.

Ask an expert

In most cases, calculating the correct GTW value shouldn’t be a challenge. However, if you have any unanswered questions, it is advisable to contact a car towing expert. Find the best ones with help from TalkLocal, your direct connection to the right professionals in your area.

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