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Clean Concrete Fireplace - Maid Services

A concrete fireplace is a great amenity designed to enchant the eye and ensure a superior level of comfort in various types of indoor spaces. Unfortunately, it requires a mandatory, meticulous maintenance routine that homeowners should perform more than a couple of times during the cold season. You could complete this assignment on your own, or by relying on professional maid services. Here are a few things you should know, in order to clean concrete fireplace fast and effectively.

1) Get your hands on the most suitable tools and cleaning products

Start by purchasing the right tools and cleaning products for this job. You’ll need:

– a handheld broom

– two buckets

– a pair of rubber gloves

– a dustpan

– hot water

– a scrub brush

– quality dish soap

– and an oxygen bleach cleaning solution for the most stubborn dirt particles

After gathering all of these essential tools and products, fill the buckets with hot water and get to work.

2) Follow a few simple steps to clean your concrete fireplace

1. First of all, you should use the handheld broom to gather and eliminate all loose fragments of debris and dirt from your concrete fireplace.

2. Afterward, fill one bucket with hot water, dissolve 8-10 drops of mild, high-quality dish soap in it and fill the other bucket with clean water.

3. You will be using the water from the last bucket to rinse the entire surface after removing all of the impurities. Using a resistant scrub brush soaked in soapy water, clean the fireplace mantel.

4. Next, remove the soapy water by wiping down the area with a clean rag, dipped in clean water.

5. If you’re dealing with stubborn dirt or debris particles, annihilate them by utilizing an oxygen bleach-based cleaning product.

6. Simply apply it on the tough stain and remember to use rubber gloves during the entire cleaning process.

7. Use a sponge to distribute it evenly.

8. Let the cleaning product act for 10 to 15 minutes; then scrub the surface one more time using your scrub brush.

9. Rinse the whole area and let the concrete fireplace air-dry.

3) Ask for help

Want to clean concrete fireplace fast and effectively? You could either opt for a DIY project, or you could simplify your life and invest your spare time in much more exciting projects by simply counting on exceptional maid services. Identify the most remarkable ones available in your area by simply consulting TalkLocal, your direct connection to the most qualified professionals in your area.

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