Snow Removal Safety Tips

Snow Removal Safety Tips - Snow Removal

Snow removal is necessary but possibly dangerous, as well. Following some basic snow removal safety tips can help you avoid injuries and accidents related to snow removal and get on with clearing your driveway and sidewalk.

Top Snow Removal Safety Tips

1. Don’t overload your shovel. Although it might seem easier to scoop up huge piles of snow on your shovel, it can lead to back and arm injuries if you aren’t careful. Instead, you want to load your shovel with smaller, lighter loads so you can work faster and safer.

2. Know your health situation. If you have a history of heart or back problems, you may need to avoid shoveling, since it can be heavy duty work. Instead, ask a neighbor, a friend, or even hire out a local snow removal service.

3. Dress in layers. Whether you are shoveling, blowing or plowing, you might start out cold and end up hot. Wear layers so you can remove some if you need to while insuring you won’t become too cold.

4. Shovel properly to avoid injury. Keep your back straight. Bend your knees and squat instead of arching your back to shovel the snow. That way, you can use your legs to toss the snow aside while also preventing improper spinal posture.

Keep your arms close to your body, also, and avoid throwing the snow behind you or to the side. This puts too much strain on your body. Instead, just walk towards your snow dump spot and gently toss the snow off of the shovel there.

5. If you are using a snow blower, be considerate of the land beneath the blower. Set it about an inch above the ground if there is gravel, rock, or loose dirt present. These can clog your snow blower, and it risks injuring anyone passing by as you blow.

6. If you are plowing, be aware of your surroundings in your plow vehicle. Try to avoid dumping the snow where children play.

How To Hire A Local Snow Removal Service

Snow removal can easily be a do-it-yourself job, but it can also benefit you to have professional help at times. If you need professional advice or assistance, TalkLocal can connect you with the right professional. Our process only takes minutes and yields useful results. Check it out.

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