Tread On Snow Tires

Tred On Snow Tires - Snow Removal

For those of you that have driven in areas that are consistently hit by snow and ice, you know how much of a hazard this inclement weather can be. You also probably know the value of snow tires and how they can help you maintain control while out on the roads. The tread on snow tires is one of the main factors that allow these to be so effective.

The tread on snow tires allows the tire to cut through the snow and ice in order to grip the road better. Because the tread is so important, you need to monitor your snow tires to make sure that they are still capable of doing their job.

Here are a few things to look for.

Depth of the tread: As your snow tires continue to wear, the depth of the tread begins to decrease. It is a commonly accepted notion that once you are left with 2/32 inches of remaining tread, it is time to replace the tires. In order to comply with federal regulations, tire manufacturers include a marking on the tire that become visible when the tread has worn down to dangerous levels.

Luckily for snow tire owners, these tires come with deeper treads to begin with. You should think about replacing them at 6/32 inches in order to keep them effective in snow and ice.

Tire and tread compound: Snow tires are created from a more pliable rubber than all-season tires. This is because the tires will be rolling over snow and jagged ice. Tires that are marketed as snow tires should have this quality, but it is important for you to investigate. You do not want to be sold an all-season tire from a dealer that is playing it off as a snow tire.

Tread design: The tread on snow tires have a specific design that allows them to cut through the snow and ice and grip the road. This is another distinguishing difference from all-season tires. While the design of tread on snow tires may differ, they will always be different from all-season tires.

Always Be Cautious In The Snow

As you probably can tell, equipping your vehicle with snow tires is essential. You need the tread to handle your vehicle safely. To find someone that can install these for you, visit TalkLocal. We make finding service professionals of all industries incredibly easy.

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