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Trailers for Towing Cars - Towing

Are you looking for the best way to transport a vehicle from point A to point B without actually driving it? In this case, solid, resistant, fully functional trailers for towing cars might be the perfect option for you. You could either choose to purchase one, if moving and delivering cars is part of your daily business, or rent it, if you only need such a trailer for a limited period of time.

What to ask for when it comes to buying/renting a trailer for towing cars

Usually, the best trailers come with extended ramps, enabling the driver to load the vehicle in record time, with minimal effort. There are various models of trailers that might be perfect for your towing needs, including the tow dolly alternative, perfect for people who want to transport their automobiles safely while saving time and money in the process.

With a durable design, these well-liked trailers, implemented to elevate the car’s front wheels, also come with auto security chains to guarantee the highest level of protection and an incident-free trip. The bad part about tow dollies is that most models have a considerable weight of up to 500 pounds, which might force users to invest in supplementary safety features and extra equipment, like onboard brakes, for instance.

If you are not a big fan of tow dollies, you have one other option at hand, suitable for long-distance car towing. If you were to go in favor of a high-quality trailer for towing cars provided by a respectable rental company, you would most likely benefit from a lot of extra safety features and a loading ramp guaranteeing easy access. Some of the best models addressing all of your car hauling needs should be designed to support a max load of up to 5,290 lbs., come with security chains, tilt-out fenders and automatic brakes, and should be spacious and resistant enough to ensure a first-class, 100% safe towing experience.

Ask an expert

Identifying the right trailers for towing cars can be rather confusing, especially if you’re having a hard time trying to understand towing rules and recommendations. Make an inspired decision by simply discussing your options with a towing expert. Find the best one by using TalkLocal, a free service that will connect you with the right professional in just minutes!

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