How to Price the Cost of Cut Glass

How to Price the Cost of Cut Glass - Window Replacement

The cost of cut glass can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You may have your own special technique for making cut glass, and you may be wondering on how to price your cut glass. Here, we show you how to price cut glass so that you won’t be far from the competition. Cut glass is a great way to fix broken windows, so you are in for a good market.

Consider Your Costs

You have to calculate how much you are paying for the basic goods that you are buying to make the glass. For example, if you are spending $5 to make the cut glass, you have to factor that in to the cost of cut glass. It’s all in basic accounting. You can’t go lower than this.

Add to this cost any materials that you will use, such as coloring, cutters, tapes, saws, sandpapers, and any other tools that you will purchase. You also have to take into account your shipping costs, your labeling costs, and your production costs.

Consider Labor Costs

You have to determine your hourly rate. How much are you willing to price your labor at? If your labor is too expensive and uncompetitive, your goods will end up being much more expensive than the competition, and you will end up not being able to sell your cut glass.

Replacement windows will cost a lot less, and your competition will sell for much less than you, so don’t make your hourly labor costs too high. Again, factor this in with your costs.

Find Your Price

Add the cost of your goods to your hourly rate and then you have the average price of your cut glass. Then, adjust the price if necessary to fit the current market price. Remember, if your price is too low, you will end up losing money. If it is too high, you won’t earn either.

Ready for Help?

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