Storm Window Replacement

Storm Window Replacement - Window Replacement

High-quality storm window replacement represents an excellent investment, because storm windows deliver considerable savings and improve the energy-efficiency of your home. They also protect your primary windows, reduce exterior noise levels, provide additional insulation, and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Storm windows are durable and require very little maintenance, aside from some simple repairs once in a while. But what happens when you neglect minor issues, or otherwise end up with more serious repair requirements? In this case, a storm window replacement project can become a real necessity.

Should I Replace or Repair My Old Storm Windows?

Most homeowners choose a quick fix every time they are forced to deal with a defective storm window. Minor problems, like a loose window or deteriorated glazing, can be easily addressed by the homeowner. However, if your storm windows are in a condition beyond repair, then storm window replacement may be your one and only option.

All in all, keep in mind that experts advise us to replace all of our windows every 25 years or so. Older storm windows are less efficient when it comes to preserving an ideal temperature inside our homes.

Major Problems Forcing You to Replace Your Storm Windows

Almost any type of storm window can be fixed, but not all repair projects are worth your time and money; some of them may actually fail to deliver anything but short term results. Here are a few major problems that will eventually compel you to consider storm window replacement:

1) Rot: Once your storm windows start to rot, it becomes difficult for you to restore them. When you’re dealing with rotten wood, the best thing you can do is to order new storm windows.

2) Hard-to-find spare parts: If you have an older model of storm window, you might waste a lot of time trying to find spare parts online or in hardware stores.

3) Rusty or filthy crank mechanisms: If your storm windows display rusty or excessively dirty crank mechanisms, it might be a little too late for you to try lubricating them. Take the easy way out and buy energy-efficient, modern substitutes.

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