Build a Home Theater: Appliances

Build a Home Theater: Appliances - Appliances Repair

When you build a home theater, you should think about the supplies that you will want while watching your favorite shows. These include food and drinks. This is why most home theater enthusiasts opt to install mini refrigerators, mini bars, and microwaves.

Microwaves are usually used to make popcorn or to heat pizza for those movie nights when you stay in and relax on the couch. Appliances installed in your home theater are an important part of your viewing experience.

Installing a Mini-fridge

When buying a mini-fridge, consider the capacity that you need. If you plan on having a lot of friends over, then you need a mini-fridge with a larger capacity.

When installing a mini-fridge, make sure you place it somewhere that’s readily accessible, even while you are viewing. Don’t place it at the other end of the room, that’s a long way to go just to grab a drink. Install it someplace where it’s out of the way yet convenient to access. When you build a home theater, ergonomics are an important part of the initial planning.

Installing a Mini-bar

Mini-bars are great for when you’re entertaining guests and want to serve drinks. Locate a mini bar in a corner of your home theater, out of the way. Stock it with your favorite liquor, so you can make cocktails that are sure to please your friends. It’s a good idea to have a small freezer near your mini bar so you can have access to ice when you need it.

Installing a Microwave

A microwave can be placed on the counter of your mini-bar. The microwave’s power supply should be out of the way so nobody will trip on it. Like all appliances, the best idea is to plan the microwave’s location before you start to build a home theater.

Need Help with Appliances?

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