Build a Home Theater: Set the Mood

Build a Home Theater: Set the Mood - Electricians

Everybody loves a home theater. It’s a great way to enjoy watching TV and movies with the family in great sound and on a wonderful screen. However, you should also think about how the lighting and ventilation in your home theater can be set up to complete the mood. To build a home theater that’s fully functional and enjoyable, you have to pay attention to the smallest details.


When setting up lighting for your home theater, don’t just use regular light bulbs or bulbs that are too bright. Ideally, the lights should be mellow. Moreover, they shouldn’t be white, but yellow to create an ambient mood for viewing.  Lighting that is too bright will destroy your viewing experience because it contrasts harshly with your TV. Lights that are soft and mellow set a relaxed mood for the best viewing experience.

Dimmer Switches

Something else you can install when you build a home theater is a dimmer switch. This will allow you to adjust the lighting and get the mood just right. Install proper dimmer switches for your lighting system and you won’t be disappointed. You can either install a single dimmer to control all your lights, or a bank of them so you can create zones of lighting.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans move the air around to provide good ventilation for your home theater. Install a ceiling fan in the center of the room where it will circulate air most effectively. You should install the right sized fan for the room. If it’s too small, it won’t do the job. If too big, it will end up making your home theater drafty.

Need Help with Your Home Theater System?

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