Ways to Thank Your Garbage Man during the Holidays

Ways to Thank Your Garbage Man during the Holidays - Garbage Removal

Picking up other people’s garbage and removing it is a thankless job. However, it’s a job that our most basic comfort depends on, so showing appreciation for this service, especially during the holidays, is a nice thing to do. Of course, you might think that garbage men make good money, so there’s no reason to give them tips, especially as you already pay for their services one way or another.

However, if you think that the person who picks up your trash every morning deserves a token of appreciation at the end of the year, here are some ideas for ways to thank your garbage man during the holidays.

Give Him a Gift Card

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to give him a tip, you can give him a gift card. Gift cards offer one of the alternative ways to thank your garbage man during the holidays. They allow you to show your consideration for someone who does you a service, an indispensable one in this case. A gift card shows that you care by allowing the recipient to use it as they see fit. Insert it in a Christmas card together with your best wishes and it will surely be well received.

Small Gifts

To some people, offering gifts to service providers such as the garbage man, mail man, or hairdresser may seem inappropriate. However, if you feel like rewarding your garbage man for the service he provides, you can offer him a small gift.

In small communities especially, where you get to know your garbage man, and he’s more than just a face on a truck, you can show your appreciation by giving him a bottle of wine or some homemade food. Adding a card with a personal message will make an even greater good will gesture.

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