What are Knock-down Fasteners?

What are Knock-down Fasteners? - Handyman

Knock-down fasteners are clever pieces of hardware that are used to make a butt joint, which is the simplest technique to join two members together. The members must be cut to the correct length and butted together at the right angle. The members are glued together and are usually reinforced by several methods. Knock-down fasteners are a common example of a reinforced butt joint.

Typical Use

It’s called “knock-down” because you can simply knock it down however many times to assemble and re-assemble it. If you’ve ever purchased flat-pack furniture, then you have seen and used knock-down fasteners.

Flat-pack furniture is ready-to-assemble furniture that is very popular these days, from bookshelves and cabinets, to drawers and modular kitchen partitions. When you purchase flat-pack furniture, it comes in individual components that have been pre-cut, pre-drilled, and are meant to be held together by knock-down fasteners.

These fasteners differ from wall anchors, which are used to attach the assembled shelving to a wall. While these fasteners connect and disconnect easily, they do make a pretty strong joint connection. This allows furniture manufacturers to use an inexpensive and weak material, such as a particleboard, and still end up with a stable and strong product.

How Do They Work?

Usually, knock-down fasteners comprise of cam dowels that are locked by confirmat fasteners, or cam locks, that are installed alongside the members to bring them together. The cam lock is tightened to secure the joint.

Types of Knock-down Fasteners

There are several styles of these fasteners, the most common ones are:

– Cross-dowel – Ideal for butt joints that will not hold a lot of strain; easy way to join two members that form a 90-degree angle.

– Draw bolts – Perfect for heavy-duty use where the joint requires a lot of support.

– Connector bolts – Consist of the bolts and cap nuts; provide a clean look and comes in an attractive finish so they can be used in visible areas; great to use to attach bookcases or cabinets.

Still Need Help?

Knock-down fasteners are widely available in hardware supply stores. If you’re working on a furniture project and need some professional handyman help, TalkLocal can link you with someone in your area who is well qualified to offer expert assistance. Try our free service now!

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