When and How to Repair Sewer Line Pipes

When and How to Repair Sewer Line Pipes - Plumbers

You need to replace or repair sewer line pipes when they are clogged or start to leak. A section of the pipeline, or the entirety of your piping system, might be damaged or obstructed. Whichever the case, it is important to get to the problem early, because doing so will save you big bucks.

How is the problem spotted?

To find out the extent of the problem and to zero in on the affected areas, hire professional sewer repair technicians to do a sewer scope inspection. Technology has made it easier for homeowners to identify exactly what they’re dealing with. The best of modern day plumbers can now provide video inspection by inserting a camera into the pipe. The live feed it sends back confirms what the situation underground is.

What causes damage to sewer line pipes?

– Frozen ground and shifting soil can break, collapse, and crack pipes.

– Accumulation of grease or foreign objects can block the sewer line.

– Corrosion leads to sewer pipe deterioration.

– Roots can invade pipes and cause damage and obstruction.

– Substandard quality pipes will need to be replaced and repaired more often.

What are the repair and replacement options?

To repair sewer line pipes, there are two means employed: the trench and trenchless methods. In the past, the ground used to be cut open to excavate the pipes. This method obviously requires a lot of digging and significant restoration afterwards.

Therefore, the new trend is to employ trenchless sewer replacement, like pipe lining and pipe bursting. In the new trenchless method, the new pipe is inserted through an entry hole. No digging is necessary. In pipe lining, a new pipe is inserted within the old line (so you have a pipe within a pipe), while in pipe bursting, old pipes are destroyed while the new ones are installed.

Need Sewer Line Repairs?

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