Sewer Line Replacement Cost: What’s Your Cheapest Option?

Sewer Line Replacement Cost: What’s Your Cheapest Option? - Plumbers

Sewer lines play a very important role in keeping your home clean. The appearance of smelly, wet patches on your yard is a red flag, but it’s not always easy to detect when replacement is due. In some cases, you can get away with just minor repairs. Unfortunately, the problem could be large and costly to resolve by the time you realize there is something wrong. So let’s talk about costs.

Replace a Sewer Line the Old-Fashioned Way

The old method involves digging up and replacing the sewer lines. The service fees of doing a replacement the traditional way may be cheaper, but there are massive costs associated with the cleanup. Re-landscaping, structural repairs of walkways and driveways, and redoing the hardscaping are not only very expensive; they are tedious and time-consuming too.

The sewer line replacement cost using this method can range from $80 to $100 depending on how deep the excavation is. Those who still opt for this method may not have heard that there is a new way of doing things.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless sewer repair technology works by inserting the new pipe through the existing pipeline. Through what is called pipe bursting, the old sewer line is destroyed, and the new and stronger pipe is inserted. Only two access holes for entry and exit are necessary, so there is no need to spend big bucks on post repair work. Trenchless sewer repair costs around $80-$95 per foot.

Additional Costs

There are factors that can add to your sewer line replacement cost, such as the existence of trees, utility lines, or gas lines. Expect to shell out more for additional labor expenses.

However, one of the best tips in saving money is always going for quality material and reliable service providers. Re-work is expensive and is a bummer.

Need Sewer Repair or Replacement?

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