Fixing Roof Shingle Damage

Roof Shingle Damage - Roofing

Roof shingle damage is a common concern among homeowners. Damaged shingles can be caused by storms, hail, hurricanes, and other weather conditions that can potentially harm otherwise good shingles.

Damaged shingles don’t always need the repair of a professional if you know how to fix them. However, for more advanced damage, you may need professional help. If you opt for professional help, the price of the work may will depend on the size of your roof.

Replace the Broken or Missing Shingle

With any luck, the last time your roof was repaired, there were shingles that were left behind by the repairmen. If not, find the closest alternative. Roof shingle damage is not hard to repair: secure each shingle with four nails. You will need a pry bar to remove the old shingle from the row of shingles and then a hammer to secure the new shingle in place.

Fix Curled Corners

As shingles start to age, their corners tend to curl. If you notice curling at the corners, glue down the curling corners to avoid the inevitable breakage. Using a roofing sealant, put a daub of glue underneath the curling edges. Use a brick to weigh down the edges for 24 hours until the sealant dries.

Repair Cracked Shingles

If a shingle is cracked, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace it. You just have to seal the crack using a sealant. You can do this by applying a thick amount of sealant under the crack. Press down on the crack and apply a second coat of sealant on top of the crack. Using a putty knife, spread the sealant.

Using these techniques will not cost you a lot of money and will save you the hassle of having contractors around your home.

But if You Think You Need Help…

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