Robo Calls from 202-559-1111: Your Questions Answered

Robo Calls from 202-559-1111: Your Questions Answered - Seva Call

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you got a call from a 202-559-1111 number and want to know more about it. To clarify, the number is associated with TalkLocal (TalkLocal), a Potomac, MD-based startup which connects consumers with local professionals. You received the call because none of our member companies could assist an actively searching customer seeking services you provide.

Still, in a world rife with spam and scams, it’s natural that legitimate opportunities, too, are met with a healthy sense of curiosity – if not full-out skepticism. In fact, here are  just a few of the various responses we found online:

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth: “We still don’t understand how it works but it seems to get us work.” – ECMECH

Playing it really safe: “Robo call at my work. Saying there was a customer on the line waiting to talk to us about roof repair.  I pressed 9 to end call. Didn’t see what company it was calling from so I didn’t take it seriously.” – LA

Draw their own conclusions: “I will be shocked if these ‘great leads’ aren’t costing you $100.00 + every time you press 5 whether you get the job or not. Don’t expect TalkLocal to screen any of the consumers as a qualified customer before passing them on to you for a fee.” – CD

As a TalkLocal customer service representative, I know that this type of feedback is far from uncommon. So, whatever your initial reaction was, here are some FAQs to clear things up:

Q: How does it work/”get us work”?

A: The 2 minute video explains it best.

Q: Do you “screen any of the consumers as a qualified customer”?

A:  Yes. Myself and others in the customer service department personally screen all customers.

Q: Are the “‘great leads’…costing…$100.00 + every time you press 5”?

A: No. Member companies pay a small flat rate per live conversation and immediately pass on the leads they don’t want (or are too busy to handle) to non-members – like you – who aren’t charged at all.

Q: Why am I receiving this robo-call?

A: An actively searching customer has submitted a service request, but our member companies, for some reason, declined the call. So, we passed it on to a reputable nonmember company.

Q: Can I always expect to get free leads of this quantity or quality as a nonmember?

A: Not likely. As more businesses see the advantages of membership, connecting with choice leads in real time – before it’s sent to local competitors – you’ll find that the number and quality of leads will go down as premium members will take the best jobs.

Q: Can I adjust my job preferences?

A: Yes, just click here to define your location, job category, and availability so that we’ll only contact you regarding your ideal customers.

Q: Impress me.

A: Okay, I’ll try. TalkLocal (formerly known as SevaCall) raised 1.3 million in Fall 2011, was named DC’s Hottest Startup and a Leading in Local Future Star in 2013. We’ve also been covered by Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.

Q: What if I’m still uncomfortable with these complimentary leads?

A: Then please accept my sincerest apologies and email with the the number you need removed from our referral system. Please allow a few days for your request to be processed.

Q: I need more FAQ’s.

A: No problem. Click here and feel free to post any additional questions below/on Twitter or our Facebook page. To speak to someone live, call 1-844-282-TALK and someone from my team will be happy to answer any questions.

So, let’s have a dialogue: what were your first impressions of TalkLocal and what still confuses you about the service?

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