Gas Heating Parts Maintenance

Gas Heating Parts Maintenance - Heating and Cooling

Scheduling a regular maintenance inspection of your gas furnace is the best way to prevent most equipment problems. Therefore, before you encounter any issues, call in a professional to check your furnace’s gas heating parts and the rest of the unit.

As with any motorized equipment, a home’s heating system needs regular servicing. Many parts need to be adjusted regularly, and the burner also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Gas Heating Parts that Require Maintenance

Some gas heating parts may have to be repaired or replaced. All of these would be caught during a routine inspection. In a gas furnace maintenance inspection, the following gas heating parts will be checked by a licensed professional:

– Heat exchanger

– Electronic ignition system

– Burners

– Pilot and pilot safety system

– Flame patterns

– Heat rise

– Thermostat

The contractor will also check or test for the following:

– Carbon monoxide leaks

– Leakage in visible gas pipes

– Fan

– Motor and bearings

– Belts and pumps

– Air filter

– Furnace controls

– Exhaust and venting

– Chimney

General Costs of Furnace Maintenance Inspection

A furnace maintenance inspection by a licensed professional usually costs around $60 to $150. Always ask what the furnace check will include before hiring a contractor. In between scheduled inspections, homeowners can do some practical things to maintain the gas heating parts, such as:

> Cleaning or replacing the air filter (on a forced-air furnace) every month or couple of months. A clean filter will improve airflow and make the furnace run more efficiently.

> Checking that the airflow is not obstructed near the baseboard heater, radiator, hot air registers, or return grills.

When choosing a contractor, the important thing is to make sure to hire a licensed expert who knows your particular equipment and which codes must be followed. A qualified contractor would be able to help ensure that your system operates with peak performance and efficiency so that it will last longer and continue to give you savings.

Hire a Qualified Heating Contractor

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