How Can I Stain Wood Furniture?

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If you want to restore the look and color of your old pieces of furniture or create a luster for your unfinished pieces, you can apply stain. To do a good job when staining wood furniture, you need to go through several stages. Here are some tips that will make the process of staining wood furniture easier.

Check the Piece of Furniture You Want to Stain

If it’s damaged in any way, you need to repair it before you prepare the wood for staining. Otherwise, the finish will only make the blemishes more visible.

Look at the Type of Wood

How you prepare the wood for staining depends on what type of wood your piece of furniture is made of. Open-grained woods, which have larger pores, require filling prior staining. If your piece of furniture is made of two different types of wood, you might need to use a distinct treatment for each of them.

How Can I Stain Wood Furniture? What Stages Are Involved in the Staining Process?


To eliminate possible wood discolorations in the surface of your piece of furniture, you need to bleach it. Bleaching is done if there are stains or water spots, if the color of the wood isn’t uniform, or if the wood is blotchy.

However, it is advisable to check first if the wood can be bleached. Not all woods take bleaching well. For instance, avoid it completely if your piece of furniture is made of cherry. Cedar and redwood, for example, are hard to bleach, while others, such as mahogany, lose their distinctive quality.

The bleaching agent and the techniques should be chosen carefully, in accordance with different wood properties. Before you bleach your piece of furniture, make sure you are aware of its potential effect on the wood.


This is a very important stage in the staining process, because the quality of the finish depends on how well sanding is done. The basic rule is to sand along the grain of wood, to avoid making scratches. Don’t press too hard, and change the sand paper as you progress, moving from coarse sandpapers to smoother ones. Above all, be patient.


The stain you opt for determines wood preparation, so it is important to read the label on the stain container, and prepare the piece of furniture according to manufacturer’s recommendations. For best results, you need compatible sealers and fillers, so check stain compatibility before you settle for a particular one.

Need Assistance?

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