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A man should experience wearing a tailor made shirt or two, even just a few times in his life. Sure, it’s obviously going to cost more, but it is well worth the money and the wait, as long as you have it done by a reputable tailor. Ordering a custom shirt is a unique, fun experience, but knowing how to go about it is important to prevent disappointing results.

You might have heard how thread count matters when it comes to bedding. Well, the same applies when it comes to dress shirts. Fabrics with higher thread counts are softer. While high-end designer shirts often have a thread count of more than 200, you’ll be perfectly fine with anything over 140.

Two-ply fabric would be a quality choice for dress shirts. In terms of where the fabric was made, Italy and Egypt are known to be first-rate cotton manufacturers.

It would defeat the purpose of buying a tailor made shirt if it ends up not fitting you properly. What a waste of money and time that would be! So it’s best to leave the measuring to a skilled tailor.

If you’re planning to buy a tailor made shirt from an online store, simply pay a local tailor to get your measurements. When measuring any area, the tailor should always get the widest circumference. Also, make sure to be very specific about how you would like the shirt to fit.

One of the best things about having a tailor made shirt done is that every detail is given a lot of attention. When it comes to the buttons, plastic is a common choice. Go for pearl buttons if you want to look extra sharp. Cuffs with gauntlet buttons are considered more stylish.

The sides of the shirt are ideally hand-sewn, while the seams should be wrinkle-free and smooth. Only a single line of stitching should be seen on the shirt’s sides. The collar should also be wrinkle-free, firm, and with collar tabs.

You want a tailor who you can trust will do a great job. A good tailor can easily tell the style that will suit you and flatter your physical characteristics and size. He or she should also offer to take your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

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