What to Consider When Buying Factory Refurbished Electronics

What to Consider When Buying Factory Refurbished Electronics - Computer Repair

The label “refurbished” quickly conjures images of defective products. However, this is not always the case with many factory refurbished electronics.

A product can be labeled “refurbished” for various reasons. A customer may simply return the product unopened, and it could end up being offered as a refurbished product since it cannot be sold as brand new.

Products can also become refurbished due to minor exterior damages such as dents or scratches during shipping as well as production defects. In the latter case, the manufacturer repairs the defective parts of the returned unit and sells the unit as refurbished. Sometimes, demo units are also sold as refurbished items. Here are some pointers when shopping for factory-refurbished electronics:

Look for the “Factory Certified” mark.

Not all refurbished products are the same. While they are available from numerous third-party retailers, choose units that are factory refurbished that have been tested thoroughly to their original quality standards and come with a manufacturer warranty.

Buy a product with full warranty.

Usually, manufacturers and sellers offer warranties on refurbished products up to 90 days only. You’ll feel more confident about your purchase if you go for a product that has a complete one-year warranty, if possible. You can also ask if an extended warranty is available on the product, which often indicates a product’s good quality.

Check the store’s return policy.

Manufacturers have different return and refund policies, some allowing returns to be made within 90, 30, or 14 days. At the very least, you want to make sure to buy from a store that has some policy that allows returns.

Double-check the product and all accessories.

Check that your product includes all the accessories that should come with it such as cables, chargers, software, manuals, etc. Look at the list of technical specs for your item and verify it is the product you’re looking to purchase.

Where to Buy

Obviously, getting a huge discount is the reason why anyone would want to buy factory refurbished electronics. If you’re looking to save money, but you’re apprehensive about the quality of the unit you’ll get, the safest bet is to buy from a reputable seller such as the direct manufacturers and try to get the best warranty.

When You Need Computer Repair

If you’re considering buying factory refurbished electronics to replace your old or poorly performing computer, you might want to look for ways to improve its performance first before you go ahead with your purchase. Get expert computer repair help from qualified local technicians with the help of Seva Call. Try us now and we’ll connect you with local pros within minutes.


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