Where Can I Recycle Batteries?

Where Can I Recycle Batteries? - Garbage Removal

Every once in a while, homeowners are forced to get rid of unwanted items that gather dust in their homes. Their eco-friendly attitude stops them from discarding them anytime, anywhere. Therefore, some of them may be wondering: where can I recycle batteries? Below you will find a set of guidelines, showing you how to dispose of used batteries properly.

Alkaline Batteries and Carbon Zinc Can Be Thrown in Your Trash Can

Alkaline batteries usually power flashlights, toys, smoke detectors, and lots of other common gadgets that we use on a daily basis.

You don’t have to worry about no longer useful alkaline batteries, as they can be mixed with your everyday trash and sent to the landfill. They are cataloged as standard municipal trash, just like carbon zinc (also known as heavy-duty) batteries.

There is one exception worth mentioning: people who live in the state of California should comply with a strict set of policies on waste disposal.

Button Batteries Should Be Brought to Your Local Collection Site for Hazardous Waste

Button batteries are utilized on a large scale to produce watches and hearing aids. Unfortunately, they contain elevated levels of toxic elements, including mercury, zinc-air, silver oxide, and lithium. This is why they should be handled with maximum care and deposited in a collection site that gathers and manages hazardous waste.

Take Your Old Lithium-Ion and Lithium Batteries to the Closest Recycling Center

Lithium-ion and lithium batteries do not pose any health risks. They are utilized to power a long list of appliances. The old ones can be brought to your local battery-recycling center or left at one of the many battery collection points, available in supermarkets and stores.

Where Can I Recycle Batteries? Ask an Expert!

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