Growing Kiwi Fruit Vines

Growing Kiwi Fruit Vines - Landscapers

If you want to profit from the amazing benefits of organic gardening, you could start by cultivating a few vine growing plants in your outdoor space. Kiwi vines are easy to grow and offer you tasty, healthy, nutritious fruits with a unique sweet-and-sour taste. Keep reading to discover a few basic things you should know before growing kiwi fruit vines.


There are two varieties of kiwi fruit vines: the Fuzzy Kiwi and the Hardy Kiwi. The latter variety is much-appreciated for its tiny, sweet fruits with soft skin. While the Hardy Kiwi can be cultivated in areas exposed to both sun and shade, the Fuzzy Kiwi requires extensive sun baths to grow properly.

Growing Conditions

Any successful kiwi grower should know that there are two important elements that kiwi fruit vines need in order to develop a solid root system: soil nutrients and plenty of water.

The soil should always be well-drained, and it should contain an elevated amount of organic matter. If you want to put big, juicy organic fruits on your dinner table, remember to add nitrogen fertilizers to the soil in which you are growing kiwi fruit vines.

You also have to water the vines regularly, especially during the hot season. Drought stress is a major threat that should be avoided at all costs. Make sure you grow your kiwi vines in a location with friendly temperatures and offer them year-round protection against powerful winds.

Planting Recommendations

Start by digging the hole where you plan to accommodate the roots of the kiwi plant. Mix the soil with compost and rock phosphate.

If you are dealing with fragile potted plants, make sure to plant them with maximum care to avoid damaging the roots. It is highly recommended to maintain a distance of up to 10 feet between vines.

During the first year, you should water the plant regularly and add mulch to ensure an ideal level of moisture and reduce weeds. Insecticide soap can come in handy, especially if you’ve had insect problems in the past.

Ask an Expert

Growing kiwi fruit vines can be a very rewarding experience, as long as you count on excellent advice ensured by a skilled landscaper. If you don’t know how to take care of your small vegetable garden or if you simply want to rely on an expert option, don’t hesitate to contact the best landscapers who operate in your area.

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