Plant Cold Resistant Palm Trees in Your Yard

Plant Cold Resistant Palm Trees in Your Yard - Landscapers

Normally, palm trees are associated with tropical climates, so it comes as a surprise to many that there are cold resistant palm trees which can tolerate even subzero winter temperatures. There are various species of these palm trees which thrive successfully in areas in the north or in states like California, Florida, and Texas.

Here are some cold resistant palm trees you may want to consider for your own lawn, along with their threshold of cold tolerance:

– Windmill Palm Tree (aka Chusan Palm or Chinese Windmill) – cold resistant to 5 degrees

– Mediterranean Fan Palm – cold resistant to 5 to 15 degrees

– Pindo Palm Tree (aka Jelly Palm) – cold resistant to 12 – 15 degrees

– California Fan Palm – cold resistant to 15 degrees

– Canary Islands Date Palm – cold resistant to 15 to 18 degrees

– Texas Sabal Palm Tree – cold resistant to 16 to 18 degrees

– True Date Palm Tree (aka Date Palm or Edible Date Palm) – cold resistant to 18 degrees

– Mexican Fan Palm (aka Washingtonia robusta or Mexican Washingtonia) – cold resistant to 18 degrees

– Sago Palm – cold resistant to 20 degrees

– Queen Palm Tree (aka Cocos Palm) – cold resistant to 20 degrees

Planting and Care of Cold Resistant Palm Trees

The microclimate in your area and the specific conditions of the palm tree to be planted can determine whether the palm will grow successfully. The condition of the palm tree when the cold spell starts, such as its age, hereditary characteristics, height, and general health also play a big role in how well the tree will be able to tolerate the cold weather.

Cold resistant palm trees will fare better if they are planted where shrubs and other trees can shelter them, instead of planting them where they are fully exposed to the harsh winter cold. Ideally, you should choose a warm and sunny location for your cold resistant palm trees. In addition, plant them where they will be shielded from the north and west winter winds.

If you already have these cold resistant palm trees in your yard, you can assist their growth and protect them during a very cold winter by wrapping their trunks. You can also cover small palms with a cardboard box or even a blanket secured by rocks for several days during a cold snap. You can also bury cold resistant palm trees in mulch for protection.

Need a Landscaper?

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