Aluminum Roof Repair to Patch up Holes

Aluminum Roof Repair to Patch up Holes - Roofers

Aluminum roofs are known for durability, but they can still be damaged from hail, heavy winds, and other severe weather conditions. A hole can also develop from corrosion if the roof was improperly sealed. Whatever the reason for that hole in your roof, quick aluminum roof repair is necessary to patch it up immediately and prevent water from entering inside your home.

For this job, you’ll need a piece of aluminum, either a scrap of the original roofing material, or you can buy a new sheet from a hardware store. If purchasing new material, make sure to choose roofing with the same corrugation as your existing roof to ensure the patch will fit tightly and securely. Schedule the repair when you’re expecting sunny weather. Here are the steps for DIY aluminum roof repair.

Be Safe

1. It’s important to wear protective gear before starting work because the edges of cut aluminum are sharp enough to break skin. Wear gloves and a shirt with long sleeves.

2. Use a ladder to get to the roof. If possible, aluminum roof repair should be done from the ladder. If you have to step on the roof, make sure to step only on areas where there are screws, which indicate there’s wooden support underneath the metal sheet.

Make a Patch

3. Use tin snips to cut around the hole to remove its serrated edges and make them even.

4. Take the measurements of this new hole and add 3 inches to it on all sides to get the size of the patch.

5. Take the sheet of replacement aluminum and cut out a patch to size.

6. Place the patch over the hole and trace it around with a grease pencil. Check that the patch is positioned directly over the hole.

Prep the Surface for the Patch

7. Set aside the patch and work inside the traced area that surrounds the hole. You’ll need to put butyl tape inside this area so that you have a 2-inch taped section.

Install the Patch        

8. Put the patch over the taped area.

9. With a power screwdriver, secure the patch by driving screws around its perimeter in 2-inch intervals.

10. Caulk the edges of patch and the screw heads with roofing compound. Allow the compound to dry.

11. Using a paintbrush, paint the patch with roof coating that is suitable for aluminum roof repair. There should be about 2 inches of overlap in between seams.

Call in a Professional Roofer

If the job is too complex for you to handle, you can always count on a professional roofer for help. And you can count on Seva Call to find the best service professionals in your area. Give us the details of your service request, and we’ll match you with up to three, local, qualified roofers. Our search service is fast, convenient, and free. Try us today!


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