How to Attach a Snow Plow to a Truck

How to Attach a Snow Plow to a Truck - Snow Removal

A snow plow can be a good investment for homeowners with large properties who live in areas that get a lot of snowfall. It’s truly a very convenient alternative to shoveling snow, allowing a wide driveway to be cleared in a breeze.

Many homeowners who invested in their own snow plows also had the chance to earn supplementary income during winter with all the service calls from neighbors. If you plan to attach a snow plow to a truck, a little research is required, as well as some rudimentary skills.

Truck Requirements

Before you attach a snow plow to your truck, find out from the vehicle manufacturer the truck’s curb weight and weight capacity per axle. Also, check whether there are unique guidelines specific to your truck with regards to snow plow installation. Take note that all vehicles have a weight rating as well as gross axle weight rating, which cannot be exceeded by the total weight of the truck itself and the snow plow, including passengers and all other load.

Plow Compatibility

After checking that you can attach a snow plow to your truck, determine which snow plow packages would be compatible with your vehicle and the weight of each package. Typically, a package includes a scraper or snow blade that shoves the snow and all the necessary hardware such as the frames, mounting hardware and wiring mechanism.

Attach Snow Plow to Truck

Step 1: Assemble the snow blade and plow hardware following manufacturer’s directions.

Step 2: Jack up your truck so you can work safely and comfortably beneath it. Ensure you’re using a jack stand while working underneath your raised truck.

Step 3: With the truck safely jacked up, install the plow’s mounting brackets. Attach the brackets as well as the cross-member loosely to the truck’s frame. Once all the bolts are placed correctly, tighten the hardware evenly.

Step 4: Connect the wiring mechanism of the snow plow to the battery and winch.

Step 5: Attach the snow plow to the mounting hardware using the hitch pins provided by the manufacturer.

Ask a Snow Plow Expert

Need more time to purchase a snow plow and learn how to attach one to a truck? You may want to consider professional snow removal services while you’re still in the process of buying your own equipment. Find a local snow removal company now with Seva Call, your quick and reliable connection to the best service professionals in your area.

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