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Install Silent Panels - Handyman

Some spaces, such as gyms, schools, offices, garages, restaurants, or manufacturing plants, where noise or spatial division are a concern, require a sound proofing solution to increase comfort and allow people to perform their tasks. These days, silent panels are one of the most convenient options to optimize the acoustics of your home, business premises, or public areas.

You can install silent panels in your home or work space to keep sound from getting inside, or out.

The Advantages of Silent Panels

There are many advantages to using silent panels. Here are some of the most important:

– They block sound, ensuring a soundproof environment where you can focus on your work, enjoy playing or recording music, or watching a movie in your home theater without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

– They can divide a space according to your wish and needs. For instance, in an open-space office, you can use them to ensure privacy and increase productivity.

– They are made of light materials, and can be easily installed on walls and ceilings with the help of an adhesive.

– They are suitable for various types of spaces, both residential and commercial.

– They are resistant to impact and moisture.

– They are versatile and flexible, and can be reinstalled in a different place if you wish.

How to Install Silent Panels

Installing silent panels is easy, and involves several steps.

1. Define Your Needs

Look at the space you want to sound proof and make a sketch if necessary to see how many silent panels would fit your purpose.

2. Establish Silent Panel Location

Measure the walls and ceiling and think about silent panel size to get an accurate idea about the installation.

3. Install Silent Panels According to Manufacturer Instructions

Usually, silent panels come with impaling clips onto which you apply a special adhesive, and then screw the clips on the wall. It’s recommended to use four or more clips per silent panel to make sure it stays attached to the wall.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with silent panel installation, look no further. Seva Call can connect you with a local handyman who can soundproof your space in no time.


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