How to Clean Teak Boats

How to Clean a Teak Boat - Maid Services

If you own a boat, you are very fortunate. You get to spend quality time on it with friends and family members, de-stress, and enjoy your nautical hobbies. However, the regular boat maintenance routine can be quite time-consuming and challenging.

You can clean your teak boat on your own, or by relying on professional maid services. Either way, here are a few things that you should know about the cleaning process.

About How to Clean Teak Boats

When you clean teak surfaces, you have to attain 2 specific goals:

1)    Remove mold and mildew (the gray or black top layer that is compromising the aesthetics of your teak surface).

2)    Use special products to prevent extensive deterioration and keep the wood looking like new for a longer period of time.

Regular maintenance routines will help you preserve and even increase the resale value of your boat, while keeping it in excellent condition, without spending a fortune to achieve your goal.

Major No-No’s

Let’s mention some things that you’re not supposed to do when it comes to cleaning your teak boat.

a)    Do not use a power washer: this practice is very rough on your teak surface; not to mention that it fails to kill mildew and mold spores. It just blasts away all the accumulated dirt and debris.

b)    Do not use household bleach: this chemical compound will never help you get rid of mold spores in an effective manner.

c)    Do not rely on TSP (tri-sodium phosphate): this cleaning agent is also less recommended for teak surfaces, since it fails to annihilate microorganisms that affect the wood.

Best Practices

There are two methods to clean a teak boat: with one-part cleaning agents and with two-part cleaning products.

The first option is much more appropriate in most cases, because the one-part chemical solution is mild and can provide the desirable results in less than 15 minutes, without affecting the teak in any way.

Two-part agents are a bit more aggressive and contain a neutralizer and a rather harsh acid. The acid can make your wood rougher. These products are less recommended, because of their potential impact on your boat and on the environment.

Ask an Expert

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