How to Maintain Clean Heating Ducts

How to Maintain Clean Heating Ducts - Maid Services

Heating ducts serve to distribute warm air effectively all throughout your home, but on the downside, they are great at collecting dust, dirt, mold spores, and other disease-causing microorganisms that can trigger or make breathing problems worse and, in general, just make your indoor air unpleasant.

A healthier environment inside your home is a benefit worth having from clean heating ducts, especially if there are members in your family who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

Basic Cleaning

If your ducts have a buildup of dust or dirt, it doesn’t take a lot to solve the problem. However, it is best to prevent dust and other debris from building up in the first place by regular cleaning to maintain clean heating ducts. One thing you can do by yourself regularly is to make sure that heating vents as well as cold air returns are free of dust. Also, change the filter frequently.

Professional Cleaning

It’s also a good idea to have heating ducts professionally cleaned every two years to make sure there is no mass buildup of dust and especially mold taking place inside the system.

You’ll want to hire a reputable and qualified cleaning professional so that the job gets done properly. Otherwise, the dust and any other airborne substances collecting in your ducts may end up being spewed out into your home and could cause damage to the heating system.

When to Clean Heating Ducts Thoroughly

A simple visible check of your ducts is all you need to determine whether the entire duct work needs cleaning. To check heating ducts, remove the grill first by unscrewing it from the wall or floor. With a flashlight and a small mirror, check the length of the duct as far down as you can see. Do this with a few ducts. You know the ducts need cleaning if you find any of the following:

– Thick dust layer (more than 1/8 inch)

– Obstructions due to masses of dust or debris

– Signs of mold or mildew

– Signs of rodent infiltration

Usually, when you have any of the above, the register grills will be quite dusty or dirty as well. If all you see are a few dust bunnies, this is not a cause for concern. You can just use a high-efficiency filter on your heating system to help prevent dust buildup.

Hire a Heating Pro

When hiring a contractor to clean your heating ducts, look for someone with the right qualifications and a great track record. TalkLocal can help find the right professional who fills your criteria. Send us the details of your service request and speak to local experts in minutes. Try us now!


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