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Gutter Guard Reviews - Roofers

If you want to spend less time cleaning your gutters every season, it is advisable to invest in high-quality gutter guards designed to deter mice, rats, birds, debris, leaves, and ice accumulations that may clog your system. To make an informed decision, start by consulting accurate gutter guard reviews. In case you require additional details, discuss your options with an expert in roofing problems.

Check Out Consumer Reports before Making a Purchase

There are two main categories of gutter guards:

a)   Pro-installed, which are obviously more expensive than the ones that can be installed even by inexperienced homeowners

b)   Homeowner-installed, which are less expensive

The best method to assess the effectiveness of some of the most popular brands of gutter guards is to consult gutter guard reviews that rate every single product based on several important selection criteria, including:

1)   The ability to prevent debris accumulations

2)   The ability to withstand simulated heavy/severe rainfall

3)   Ease of installation

4)   Overall price per foot

5)   Type (surface tension, fine mesh, foam insert, screen, brush insert)

According to, LeafFilter gets the biggest score in the first category of gutter guards (pro-installed products). With 86 points, LeafFilter is well liked for its superior efficiency when it comes to preventing buildups and for its “very good” ability to handle a heavy rainfall. This brand is followed by several other popular choices, including Gutter Topper (80 points) and LeafGuard (80 points).

If you are more interested in gutter guards that you could install on your own, note that Gutterglove Pro (89 points), Amerimax 85198 (86 points) and Amerimax 85246 (84 points) are some of the top-ranking products that may actually be worth your time and money.

Ask an Expert

Don’t know how to interpret gutter guard reviews and how to make an inspired decision? If so, just call a local roofer and ask for expert guidance. Find the best one with TalkLocal, your cost-free expert tracking tool. It’s fun and easy to use and will simplify all your decision-making processes.


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