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If you’re particular about your clothes, particularly how your trousers fit, then you already know that nothing beats tailor made trousers. Particularly because they are made to your exact measurements, you can expect nothing but a perfect fit. Of course, a lot also depends on how skilled your tailor is, so you want to make sure you go to a reputable one with many satisfied customers.

Consider Your Body Type

In addition, because the tailor will make the trousers to your specific requirements, you should also be careful of what you’re requesting to be done. Here are some pointers when ordering tailor made trousers depending on your body type:

Men with long torsos but shorter legs: Forget about wearing low waist pants. You should ask your tailor to make the waist higher by an extra inch while measuring.

Men with longer legs than their torso: You will look fantastic in low waist pants and tucked-in shirt. Putting on a nice jacket will visually cut the length of your legs.

– Men with flat butts: Straight-cut trousers look great on you and do not give much attention to your behind.

Men with big butts: Low waist trousers with a pleated front are ideal for you.

Men with a paunch: Stay away from low waist trousers with a flat front. Slim down your look by wearing dark shirts in solid colors.

General Tips

Here are a few other tips for great-fitting and great-looking tailor made trousers:

– The waist of the trousers should be half an inch wider than the waistline.

– Make sure the pockets remain flat and closed when you’re standing and that its shape matches your pants.

– Check that there is no snag in the crotch area. If it is hanging too low, you’ll look shorter, but it will look just plain ridiculous if it’s too high. When fitting, move about to ensure proper fit.

– The side seams should be smooth and run straight from the waistline down to the hem.

– The pants’ hem should be the correct length, covering half of the heel while touching the instep in front.

Looking for a Skilled Tailor?

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