HVAC System Average Cost Guide

shutterstock_194523560With summer coming in fast, any problems you may have had before with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning units must be fixed before the sweltering heat kicks in or the cool summer storms hit hard. Before calling the number of the first HVAC company that pops up on the Internet, it is important to know where you are at economically.

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Here are some quick price guidelines based off of the national average:

Repairing an A/C Unit: $545                           Installing an A/C Unit: $6,269

Installing Insulation: $1,965                            Installing Ducts & Vents: $1,490

Repairing a Heat Pump: $537                        Installing a Heat Pump: $5,832

Repairing a Ceiling Fan: $176                        Installing a Ceiling Fan: $337

Starting with this guide, and if you have a specific job in mind, you can request an estimate or quote from a company before you get the job done. talklocal can help you find the perfect company at your request by narrowing down the companies we have available, according to your specific needs and schedule.

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