Mother’s Day: The 3 Gifts Moms Cherish The Most

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Mother’s Day: The Three Gifts Moms Cherish The Most - Seva Call

Moms are our biggest fans, our toughest critics, and our most loyal friends. To most of us, they are literally our angels on Earth. To many, speaking ill of someone’s mother is worse than burning the flag, blaspheming, and talking politics at the dinner table, combined.

That’s what makes Mother’s Day feel so impossible. There isn’t a dollar amount or grand gesture big enough to match what moms mean to us. Of course, if you offer to feed and clothe her in her senile years, and agree to an arranged marriage, and commission a mural of your most adorable baby bath-time pictures in Times Square, as well as make your firstborn her namesake, then that would be a start. But, such is the beauty of a mother’s love that she would settle for a lot less this Mother’s Day.

Here are the 3 Gifts Moms Cherish The Most:

1. Your Time:

You want to feel like you have your own life? Look who’s talking. You weren’t the one who spent 9-15 months sharing all of your bodily nutrients with another being. No offense, but your mom was sick as a dog for weeks while her immune system was literally trying to decide whether or not to eliminate you. So, you want your own life. Yeah, she totally gets it. But, when you get her flowers, can you bring them yourself? Or, if her flowers must come by delivery, can they at least come with a phone call?

No matter what you do or what you can afford to give, your presence is her most precious gift. So, if she can’t at least borrow you every once in a while, she’ll be nothing but thoroughly disappointed with even the most expensive gifts.

2. Your Thoughtfulness:

If your mom wanted a kid who tries to impress her with the same handful of tricks, then she would have had a puppy. So, if you have a go-to gift that you know she’ll like, think harder and go for the unexpected. What do you know that she thinks you don’t know? Maybe she winces while doing the gardening, a clear giveaway of the back pain she tries to hide — then a massage therapy and spa day is surely in order. A gift that shows not only that you were thinking of her, but that you’ve been paying attention too, is sure to wow her.

3. Your Shared Memories:

One surefire way to tug at those heart strings is to take your mom on a trip down the old memory lane. Make a collage or a digital slideshow of your favorite memories together, or renew that annual picnic tradition you secretly always loved — even though you suddenly became too cool for it in high school. If you’ve become a parent yourself and are a fan of the Instagram trend, have a professional photographer help you and your child recreate classic family photos from when you were his or her age. Drawing inspiration from your shared experiences is the best way to connect your Mother’s Day celebrations to exactly what it is you’re celebrating: a very special kind of love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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