Last Minute Halloween Treats

Written by Krystal Moore

Alright, everyone. It’s here. You’ve put up all the decorations. You took advantage of the candy sales that will rot the neighborhood children’s teeth. You’ve bought your little monsters the costume they’ve been wanting since last year. It’s twenty minutes until the party you’re hosting that you know will be to die for…except you don’t have those classic fun Halloween treats! You don’t want to serve just anything; it needs to be Halloween worthy (and we know that a handful of candy doesn’t cut it for the adults…usually.) Well, we’ve got just what you need for some fun, fast and last minute Halloween treats:

DSCF1710Jello Brain: Eating someone’s frontal lobe is disgusting. That’s why you should serve brain shaped jello instead. These jello molds can be found at a number of locations and websites, including Walmart and Amazon. Add variety with vampire brains (red), swamp monster (green), or classic human (pink). (For added effect: parents, have your kid dress up like a zombie, begging for the jelly brain. The crowd will go wild.)

DSCF1715Oreo Ogres: It’s easy to turn one of those orange Nabisco cookies into a cute little ogre. Just grab some candy corn, icing eyeball candy and a tiny piece of black licorice. (Note: You can also use the leftover cookie parts by crushing them up and sprinkling them around the perimeter of the cookie plate. Add some green sprinkles as well and they’ll have popped up out of their own swamp.)

DSCF1719Sandwich Monsters: Next up, you want to give them a treat that’s just a tiny bit healthier than a bunch of candy and cookies so make a cute little sandwich monster. Take some slices of bread and cut them into the perfect shape you want, though ghosts and little pumpkins are really easy. (For added effect: we suggest making them any type of sandwich that will be oozing with goodness.)

DSCF1709Salad Monster: You’ve probably set a salad plate but it seems so blah compared to the rest of your creations. How do you spice it up? Here’s an idea: you take the lettuce and give it crazy hair, make some hard boiled eggs for eyes, dressing cup for a nose, add some baby carrots for the mouth and voila! You’ve got a salad so crazy that it’s begging to be eaten!

DSCF1716Haunted Halloween Punch: Your guests will need something to drink after eating all your delicious treats. We suggest making your usual big bowl of punch (but putting it in a cauldron adds a nice touch) then make sure it’s completely red. Put in some creepy looking eyeball ping pong balls to float around in the punch (or let them sit at the bottom and wait for people to fish them out) but remember to inform your guests that they are NOT edible. They just make things look cool.

We hope you can have fun with these last minute Halloween treat preparations and we hope your Halloween is especially spooky.

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