Movember Manscape Management Manual with Proudly Bearded Founder Aman Bakshi

Movember has been in full swing for weeks now. So, lots of men across the country have gone weeks without shaving or – in accordance to strict observance of Movember Law – are growing and grooming impressive moustaches and beards. If they’re lucky, they’ve got a pretty full bushel of hair on their faces. Of course, with great growth comes great responsibility and manscaping may be increasingly challenging by now.

So, to help novice man manes reach their full potential, we’ve turned to TalkLocal founder and famed beard pioneer Aman Bakshi for his top manscaping tips.


Q: So Aman, your beard always looks so amazing. Anyone who has seen your beard has the same question: what do you do to maintain its shine and luster?

A: Are you serious?

Q: Yes, the inquiring public needs to know how to achieve your glorious man mane!

A: Find a good beard oil or hair product. I use a combination of Bed Hair hair spray and Got2B Glue hair gel then use a hair dryer to get it dried quickly.

Q: Should people brush their beard a certain number of times every night or something?

A: Of course not.

Q: When should people start growing their beards if they want to achieve their best length?

A: At puberty.

Q: Oh… Last question! Beards tend to say a lot about a man, indicating he’s rugged, wise or Santa. What do you think your beard says about you?

A: It says I’m not afraid to be myself.

There you have it, folks. Aman Bakshi, facial hair hero. Apply these tips and you too can have a beard that’s shiny, luxurious, and smells of mahogany and burned cedar wood just like his!


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