TalkLocal Team Share How They Celebrated Thanksgiving

The TalkLocal team is back from the long holiday weekend with their bellies full of great food and their hearts filled with the great times they’ve shared with family during Thanksgiving.

There’s been lots of storytelling, cellphone picture shows and laughter as we share our favorite moments from when we celebrated Thanksgiving.

Here’s what some of our team members said about what they did this Thanksgiving.

Some of us…

… gave back

Me 2 “My friend is abroad and wasn’t here for Thanksgiving so I sent her a message with good wishes and asked what she wanted for the holidays (and her birthday, the little Christmas baby). She said that she wanted me to donate money for research on ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). I knew how important it was for her so I donated a bit early for it to be considered a Christmas present but it’s okay because I still plan to give her an awesome birthday gift.”

…enjoyed a “This is Thanksgiving?” Dinner:

Dennis “Thanksgiving is about great food and family. So, rather than slave in a hot kitchen all day and dirty our finest china, we had reservations at a Brazilian Steakhouse called Chima. All of the food was done to perfection and we didn’t have to worry about Grandma catching her death trying to please the whole family. Next year, if you want a simple way to make Thanksgiving special, I highly recommend the Chima Thanksgiving Special.”

…traveled pretty far.

Mitali “My family and I went to NY to see my cousin and her husband (who just got to the US from India). Their home was so neat and tidy and I was terrified my little brother would make a mess of everything. I won’t lie; my little brother ran the show. Ferry rides, cab rides, the Lego store, and tons of other expensive things. But, my brother was happy and we all had fun. That’s what Thanksgiving’s about, right?”

… cooked a lot.

Kayla “I’ve earned a reputation as a bad cook. So, when my sister told everyone about my Sweet Potato Casserole, four different households demanded proof. And each wanted the proof on their separate tables for Thanksgiving. Preparing so many batches was a challenge for an amatuer cook like me, but each host said the dish was gone within the hour.”

… went on a Thanksgiving tour.

Dallea “It’s sort of a gift and curse, but I never have to choose which side of my family I’ll spend Thanksgiving with. I do it all. My family in York, PA have Thanksgiving around noon while my family in Baltimore, MD are barely ready by 6pm. So, it was a long day and a 2 hour drive, but I got to spend quality time with both.”

As you can see, we each had our own special Thanksgiving holiday and want to know how you celebrated your Thanksgiving break. Be sure to share your moments, even if it was nothing more than enjoying the fact that you could finally sleep until ten.

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