Why We Love Working At TalkLocal


All work and no play actually decreases productivity and innovation. That’s just one reason why Fun at Work Day is a thing to have and, on January 28th, a day to celebrate!.

So, in the spirit of Fun At Work Day, we asked a few of our employees what they enjoy most about working at TalkLocal. Take a read and see why TalkLocal is even more awesome than you think it is.

“I love coming into the office every day because it just has a great atmosphere. Not only are all the people friendly but I never knew how nice orange and blue look until I got here.” – Mitali

“I like working at TalkLocal because of the team chemistry. There’s never a dull moment in the office. We are always having fun, which allows us to take our work seriously. It’s a great environment and I love coming into work everyday.” – Greg

“Flexible working environment where you can take as much responsibility as you want for your effort. An atmosphere where people don’t take themselves seriously, but are able to get things done. The culture is empowering and inclusive. It’s not a shark tank where people are out for each other’s positions. Even if you fall short of your goals some days, there are people who are able to make you laugh while encouraging you to succeed.” – Courtney

“TalkLocal is an awesome opportunity to get involved with a local, growing tech start-up company. If you ever wanted to get your feet wet in start-ups, then TalkLocal is your place. You won’t be disappointed with our casual culture, superior service, and our wonderful people.” – John

Funny no one mentioned ping-pong, video games, snacks, or banging a gong to celebrate their successes. Of course, the best way to make work fun is the be passionate about it, right? So, make work fun the best way you can, from now until retirement!

In the College Park area and want to join in on the fun? Celebrate “Have Fun At Work Day” by visiting our sales job/internship open-house on January 28th at 4pm. Click here to RSVP.

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