Top 5 Tips for Staying Warm in Winter


The temperature is in the single digits right now. February and March are essential months for getting the most out of your HVAC system and fortunately the web is full of heating hacks to help you stay warm. We’ve sifted through tips from industry experts and crafty consumers alike, and compiled the top 5 tips for staying warm this winter.

Program Your Thermostat… Or Trick It

Consumers and pros agree that programmable thermostats are the way to go, as they allow you to precisely adjust the temperature. If you have a locked thermostat, you can still get the most out of it with a little trickery. Putting ice near (not on) a locked thermostat lowers its temperature reading, compelling it to generate extra heat.

If You Don’t Use It, Don’t Heat It

This tip can mean big savings if you have a room that’s usually empty. Simply shut doors, windows, and vents leading to the vacant area to cut off the flow of heat to that area. You might as well only spend money on heating what you will actually feel.

Take Advantage of Competition

Utilities love to woo new customers by giving them price advantages. If you’ve been with your gas or electric provider for a long time, check out a comparison tool to ensure that you’re getting the most savings possible from your heating bill.

Insulate the Essentials

Namely your attic and hot water heater. Professionals agree that these two things account for a huge amount of heat loss. If you don’t have access to commercial insulation, a sturdy blanket wrapped around your water heater will still make a difference.

Use the Sun

This one just requires common sense and a little extra effort. Use as much solar heat as possible by opening windows that are in sunlight, and closing the curtains on windows that are in shadow.

Spring might be on its way, but we all have a few more weeks of surviving the chill ahead of us. With a little bit of know-how, you can stay toasty without splurging on your heating bill. Follow our tips and you’ll find that it’s your spending that’s crazy low— not the temperature.

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