Mother’s Day Flowers: Choosing the Perfect Match For Mom

By: Shaquille Telford

Flowers as a Mother’s Day present are a time honored tradition not just because flowers are beautiful, but because they are meaningful. They’re a lot like mom herself in that way: she means the world to you. So, instead of buying the first bouquet you find at your local florist, it’s probably best to do some research to ensure that your choice reflects what your mom means to you. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research for you. We decided to call up a few florists, and do some of our own research to compile a list of flowers that would always be great for Mother’s day.

We have compiled a list of flowers to help you choose the best bouquet for your mother. Keep in mind, there is usually some type of meaning behind each flower, so it’s best to match your mother’s traits with the traits of different flowers.

Without further ado, here are the most popular mother’s day flowers and the meaning behind each:

1.       Roses (specifically red roses)

Signifies deep emotions like love. According to one florist I talked to, red roses are the most popular flowers in bouquets for Mother’s Day (and probably every time of year). Literally every company I called had a bunch of roses in their most popular bouquets.

2.       Tulips (multi-colored)

Symbolizes a declaration of love. Most of the florists recommended tulips, but specifically tulips in a variety of colors.

3.       Lilies

Symbolizes purity and refined beauty.

4.       Carnations

Symbolizes pride and beauty.

5.       Daisies

Symbolizes innocence, purity, and loyal love.

6.       Sunflowers

Symbolizes pure thoughts, adoration, and dedication.

7.       Asters

Symbolizes patience, love, elegance, and daintiness.

8.       Irises

Symbolizes eloquence.

After all this, if you still don’t know which flowers to choose, just get some roses. They never fail! And, be sure to visit TalkLocal to get in touch with your local florist, and get your mom that perfect flower for Mother’s Day.


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