4 Tried-and-True Summer Promotion Ideas


Millions of people across America are putting away their winter coats and unpacking their shorts and T-shirts. For small business owners, the coming of summer isn’t just a moral pick-me-up; it presents an opportunity to cash in on the change of season with contextual marketing. Below are four small business-friendly summer promotion ideas that could give your business a seasonal boost.

Outdoor Signage

One cheap and easy way to increase your visibility in the summer is to take advantage of increased pedestrian activity with outdoor signs advertising your business. Make sure your signage is well-placed (near a high-traffic area) and attention-grabbing (with a pleasing design or a short joke). Even a chalkboard on the sidewalk can prove lucrative to your business while also adding a homey, inviting aesthetic.


For a small business owner, “giveaway” is a misnomer. The money you spend hosting one is more of a marketing investment. Find vacation-friendly luxury products, such as a pair of designer sunglasses or a tablet, and sell tickets – or just exchange them for “likes” on social media. The buzz and customers you’ll attract will easily pay for the cost of the prizes.

Branded Summer Promotional Items

If you can put your logo on something cheap and useful during the summer months to sell or distribute, you can strengthen your brand and promote customer loyalty. Good examples of promotional knick-knacks for summer include hats, towels, and bumper stickers.

“Staycation” Campaign

This one can work with any of the above three strategies, or any other marketing medium. Amid the economic turbulence of the past decade, taking an inexpensive summer pseudo-vacation in one’s own town has become extremely popular. Small businesses can take advantage by running seasonal specials or advertising to target “vacationers” who live nearby.

Summer is sometimes associated with a slump for small business sales, but it doesn’t have to be. With some seasonally smart marketing, you can capitalize on people’s summer consumer habits, and thus turn the rising temperatures into rising profits for your business.



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